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  • Douglas Parker
    Nov 15, 2011
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      Interesting Puzzle for you Hi Mike,

      I just got off of an interesting 4 way QSO on the local UHF frequency out here in Denver.
      It seems that when a user, in this case Bill W6OAV connects via Telnet to my BPQ Packet
      Switch, He can connect over port 3 to other local TNC BBS’s without difficulty. Yet when
      he attempts to connect to his own BBS on W6OAV-1, it will attempt to make the connection
      but he never sees the response from the TNC and will get a connect failure from the BPQ,
      yet his TNC is still attempting to respond. He then turned around and connected to his W6OAV-7
      on port 3 and the connection goes through immediately.

      To see if it was just his station and equipment, we contacted Dick W0THU and he connected, again
      via Telnet to the BPQ. Dick was able to connect to his node at W0THU-7, yet he was unable to connect
      to his BBS on W0THU-7.

      Both Bill and Dick can connect to each other’s BBS through the BPQ but cannot connect to their own.

      Now, they did try going  through DRL node by connecting from the BPQ on port 3 to DRLNOD and then
      to their BBS and it works fine. They both tried using DRL as a digi and it works fine. But doing a direct
      connect without the digi, it fails. I have good signal strength coming in on both of their stations.

      We then called Ron W9UW to see if he experienced the same issues. Because of his location north of my
      QTH, he cannot hear me directly. He connected via Telnet and called on port 3 and digi’d through both DRL
      and W0TX and both times he connected to his W9UW-5 BBS on both attempts.

      This was working several weeks ago right after I installed the BPQ Software. Bill was out in California
      and was able to Telnet in, connect to his packet BBS on W6OAV-1 without any difficulty.

      It doesn’t seem to be a path problem between my station and theirs because My station can connect to both of their
      -7 calls and do whatever needs to be done. Also they can make keyboard to keyboard connects and it works that way
      as well.

      The only thing I have changed since the initial installation of the software that would possibly cause something like this
      was to upgrade to the version. I haven’t changed anything else that I can think of that would cause an issue like that.

      Could something in the latest software have changed to not allow a station with a given call sign connect directly to
       their BBS (call sign without ssid) but when going through a digi or node it would allow it?

      Another question I have because it has came up a couple of times. On BPQ when  a station sends a connect request
      to a distant node and they want to terminate or abort that connect request, what is the command to do that?
      I have tried CTRL-T (the abort command on some TNOS/JNOS systems), Abort (the abort command on Kantronics TNCs), etc.
      Nothing seems to work.

      73, Doug – N4ATA
      Denver, CO 80219

      On 11/11/11 22:04 , "Mike Melnik" <mmelnik1@...> wrote:



      John Is aware of that problem and will be solved in next release.


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      Group Moderator

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      Bill Erhardt
      Sent: Friday, November 11, 2011 11:01 PM
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      Subject: [BPQ32] BPQ Terminal Version Issue

      Hi John,

      I installed the latest version of BPQ32 5.2.13 and noticed in the BPQ
      Terminal that I cannot clear the Output Window using Edit Clear
      Output.  I can clear the Monitor Windown ok using Edit Clear Monitor.
      Is this planned or do I have a setting wrong after installation.. It
      worked ok in the previous version...

      Other than that I testing everything I could and it is running
      flawlessly for about 6 hours.  Ye Ha !!

      Just another old retired guy !!! Bill K7MT


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