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6609Re: [BPQ32] Re: ARRL/TAPR DCC Forum Schedule, Banquet Speaker & Sunday Seminar Announced

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  • Charles Brabham
    Sep 4, 2011
      The original TAPR was a credit to the hobby - but after the "Dallas group" takeover in the early internet days TAPR morphed into a virulent anti-packet organization.
      I was at the meeting where Greg Jones WD5IVD outlined his strategy utilizing internet gateways to destroy the international Packet Radio network that the original, real TAPR group was largely responsible for creating.
      RF links were 'routed around' by faster internet links, thus leaving the real hams with no traffic to move from A to B. - The result, as Greg foretold, was for dozens of the key HF Packlet forwarding stations to shut down, one after another.
      Greg's plan worked... - The detstroying AX25 Packet part of it, anyway.
      The amateur tcpip 'critical mass' that Greg and his degenerate friends kept talking about over and over like the second coming of Christ never did materialize though.
      It turned out that Greg Jones WD5IVD and his tcpip buddies were really great at tearing down what their betters do - but when it came time for them to do something of thier own, well that didn't work out so well.
      That's why whenever I see some degenerate punk gang-banger vandalizing something that his betters have worked to build and enjoy - I think of Greg Jones WD5IVD - and his buddies at TAPR.
      If anybody wants to know more about the Austin Texas meeting where the destruction of the AX25 network was outlined and put into motion, I'll be glad to tell that story in more detail. - It is something that all hams should know about, as it affected thousands of US hams who had no idea what was being done to them in the name of a pet digital mode that a group of no-count 'protocol warriors' determined to be of more importance than the hobby - or their fellow hams.
      - So no, I guess I won't be dropping whatever I am up to, in order to rush off and listen to the folks who are being strung along by TAPR - the place where good ideas go to die.
      73 DE Charles, N5PVL
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