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6512Solar/Battery Question

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  • Bill Erhardt
    Aug 1 6:12 PM
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      Howdy Gang,
      I received a question from a station about my solar/battery backup. Shoshi I think was the name ????
      I have my Computer(IBM T43), Wireless Internet, Net Gear Router, Two Kantronic DVR2-2 (2 watt 2 channel) Crystal Radios, Two Kantronics KPC-3's, Icom-706, and SCS Pactor III moden on solar/battery storage 24/7.  Simple system with 4 solar panels (230 Watts), to a EPIP30 Amp Controller, and 5 - 110 amp battery bank 12 volt.  Pictures at
      http://www.k7mt.com   link at bottom of page to My Ham Shack Update.
      1 DRV 2-2/KPC-3 is for packet (145.010) and 1 is for APRS (144.390)
      Mountain top packet node sites are using 100 Amp batteries on a charger, or hooked to the repeater backup batteries ( 2 - 100 Amp) that are charged by the repeater controller.. One site near Butte, Montana is not yet on battery backup but we are working on resolving that.
      Bill K7MT
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