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  • zs5s@iafrica.com
    Dec 19, 2006

      Again, thanks to all who got my BPQ32 and FBB32 combo to work.
      During the last two weeks the system was performing very well
      and I have been making small changes and adding local BBS's.

      Yesterday I added yet another local BBS, ZS5JGK, and got a warning
      window: 'ZS5PMB unknown in BBS.sys'.
      This did not make sense to me.
      I deleted ZS5PMB from de the BBS.SYS file and the Forward.SYS file
      but this didn't make any difference.

      Thereafter, when 'initializing FBB', the second line shows:
      v Languages []
      where the tick is in grey.
      Next I am 'thrown' into 'WinFbb configuration tool 1.71.1 beta.
      No indication of what I am doing wrong.
      In the config tool I have been trying to make all possible changes to
      no avail.

      BPQ32 seems to be running just fine.

      Sorry to be off topic.


      Joost, ZS5S


      For Homepage double-click: http://zs5s.net
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