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  • Rick Muething
    Jul 8, 2011
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      The forced update of WL2K based programs (auto update) is there primarily for two reasons:
      1) It is the only thing we have found to date that keeps users up to date (most have the attitude if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!). Old versions continually cause compatibility problems and questions about “bugs”  long since fixed.
      and more important...
      2) The WL2K programming “staff” is a few (usually 3 or 4) dedicated part-time volunteers that also happen to be (in their current or past jobs) professional programmers.  Auto updating dramatically reduces the support required (“I am having a problem with my old version 1.0.0 running on WIN 98. ....should I now update to 3.0.0...etc.). Commercial organization have the luxury of a group (sometimes a very large group) that is dedicated to support including back rev support that a small all-volunteer team just can’t duplicate.  I don’t think it is really appropriate to compare the update mechanisms and support of a 4 person part-time volunteer development team with commercial companies like Microsoft which probably has a “screen saver” group with far more manpower  than WL2K has programmers.
      Unless and until ham radio embraces the reality that well written and well supported software is of real value that doesn’t come “free”  we will have to accept the fact that development and cradle to grave support will never likely rival what is available through commercial software.
      If you know of or can figure out a mechanism that would support, maintain and document old revisions without a significant load on our very limited manpower or wish to join the WL2K development team to aid in that effort we would very much appreciate your input.
      Rick Muething, KN6KB
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