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62BPQ32_409s_Beta_20051218 available in files section.

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  • Ron Stordahl N5IN
    Dec 18, 2005
      A new beta release of BPQ32 is available in the files section:


      This release adds a new feature, BPQTNC2, providing a TNC2 like
      interface to the switch via virtual communications ports. However at
      this time the feature only works with Windows-XP. It it is expected
      this feature will be extended to Windows-2000 soon. Later BPQTNC2
      will be enhanced to add a real communitions port functional with

      The purpose of this new interface is to allow user programs which
      expect to communicate with a real TNC2 via a real communications port
      to use BPQ32 without program changes.

      BPQ32 has become very solid. I have been running it around the clock
      with multiple programs accessing it via the AGWtoBPQ interface for
      months without failure.

      You should not hesitate trying it.

      AR-Cluster sysops who have been using the prior BPQ32 with the OCX
      interface will find a significant advantage in moving from that to the
      new AGWtoBPQ interface, in that they can now close BPQ32, reconfigure
      it, restart it, all without dropping their telnet users. This is not
      possible when using the OCX interface. Additionally AR-Cluster can
      now initiate connections to remote radio users, something that with
      the OCX interface would often crash AR-Cluster.

      When the virtual serial interface is extended to Windows-2000 a new
      beta will be promptly released.

      Ron, N5IN
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