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  • vk2dot
    Jun 1, 2011
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      Hi Tony, John & group - We used to run a APRS link to our packet node here for years. When we changed over from XRouter to BPQ32 - we could not perform this function. Users would communicate from and to the APRS network from and to the Packet network. Users could also connect via port 8000 from their UIView. If you all can remember, aprox two years ago we asked that this function be implemented into BPQ32, but was jumped on very quickly that it would not be put into BPQ32.
      We are now changing all of our Remote Nodes from XRouter to Linux/URONode. One of the reasons being that we can put Xastir onto the Remote Node.
      As Tony noted, APRS is the dominant packet users in VK land, if we could intergrate BPQ32 with APRS, more users may come back into pure packet. We are trying to overcome part of the problem - by implementing COMMANDS for users to easily transfer between nodes and talk to remote users. For the toothsayers, CHAT does not compete with this function.
      My users have requested that we implement the BPQ32 to APRS via XRouter again, We will do that in the next few months - however we have to go from BPQ32 to Linux/URONode to XRouter or via Xastir. XRouter will not connect to BPQ32 via UDP, so we solve that problem or implement first or Xastir.]
      If BPQ32 users want, we could make up a specification for APRS & BPQ32, and post here - for John to use in the cold winter of G land. [similar to the COMMAND function we distributed a few months ago.]

      Regards Rod....////

      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "Tony Hunt" <wavetel@...> wrote:
      > Its interesting to see the comments re BPQ32 and APRS .
      > Presently thats all I use BPQ32 for. So I guess that stands in contradiction to everyone elses comments.
      > I dont run a BBS here. The usage and interest in BBSs has died out in VK .
      > So why do I use BPQ32 ? I use the AGW2BPQ side of it primarily. I found its more stable than AGWs PE .
      > I have a few different APRS clients and platforms that hop on and off with different machines on Port 800 across the Lan at different times. All of these clients are AGW complient so its very handy.
      > I also use BPQ on the APRS frequency with Connected frames to manage the Digis in the state here. Currently there are 13 Ui-Digis in use all of which I can connect to one way or another.
      > Also some of the clients are set up for HF APRS and use the same BPQ32 AGW2BPQ emulation.
      > The thing is that I have all the typical Nodes beacons and stuff all turned off so you would never know it was BPQ32 behind it all. I have also found that some of the other facilities available with Port forwarding enabled on the Internet when I am on holidays are just better from my point of view with BPQ32.
      > List of clients some on more than 1 machine at once.
      > Uiview32
      > Xastir under Linux
      > Xastir in a VM under Windows
      > Digi_Ned for Windows
      > APRSIS32 under windows and Linux
      > TsthWin
      > JavAPRSSrvr Igate in Windows
      > UISS Occasionally
      > Tony Hunt VK5AH
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