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6134Re: [BPQ32] Re: APRS

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  • Bill Erhardt
    Jun 1, 2011
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      Hi Jerry,
      That is pretty cool.  I was not aware of that possibility.  i will check it out.
      Tony VK5AH - Excellent point.  I have only 2 regular users of my BBS here in Montana.  I have my BPQ up mainly for EMCOM as I have HF/Pactor III and Winmor waiting in the back ground if internet goes down.  The RMS option is liked by our Emergency Folks for sending e-mail to the BBS as it bundles it up and sends it out.  I also have a direct connet to Winlink RMS Packet Port so folks can use RMS Express or Air Mail and include attachments....
      I have had APRS running for about 8 years with IGATE and SGATE.  BPQ was recently added and I am just having a blast. Like I mentioned, my BPQ BBS is used mainly as a EMCOM station and our ARES and RACES folks have been trained up on its use.  State of Montana DES and County DES were impressed at how effecient my system is when internet goes down.  However, in an actual emergency it could easily be overwelmed.  I had to let them know it was a stop gap measure until they got their portable satellite links up etc.... My station maybecome mute by the end of this year as the State of Monana DES is putting in a MARS Winlink Station to take over duties if all else fails
      Bill K7MT
      Enjoy life, it does have an expiration date !
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