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6132RE: [BPQ32] Re: APRS

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  • Jerry
    Jun 1, 2011
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      Actually there is A purpose..


      If you select certain BPQ ports to listen for APRS UIframes… ie Position reports from stations on the given port.. Say a Mobile user with his station on the BBS port instead of APRS freq.. His position (and only his position data) will be picked up by that BPQ port and retransmitted on the APRS freq…  Thus the selection for up to 16 BPQ ports in UiView…


      So another words … Say a APRS guy wanted to sit on the BBS freq and use the BBS or just stay on example.. 145.050 his APRS beacon could still reach the APRS system.. Easily enough.. And he would not have to sit on 144.390 all the time to do so…


      This creates only an added Beacon on the NON APRS frequency and no additional Traffic on the Actual APRS freq..  since he would otherwise have been on 144.390 anyway…



      73 jerry n9lya


      Don Sorry I missed your call. I will try you later…



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      Ok, just trying to get a feel for this stuff. I saw the ui-view bpq32 host so thought there was a specific and efficient purpose for that. I will forgo that thought and look into a vhf freq here in my town that may be a benefit here. The only HF I have right now is 10m so looking to expand into a vhf freq to help with personal comm or emcomm. I don't think I have anyone close enough to me to on a 2m freq that can hear me. Thanks for the info, Mike

      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Melnik" <mmelnik1@...> wrote:
      > Don
      > As far as I know 4.390 in the US is the only frequency used for APRS info, I
      > did allocate a BPQ port for UI-VIEW 32 but found that anyone that tried to
      > DIGI threw my APRS station using Wide, Relay or even my ARPS call it didn't
      > work, so I just set my Kantronics KPC3+ straight to UI-View via the serial
      > port, I really don't see a need to use BPQ32 as a interface between UI-VIEW
      > and a Serial port.
      > The other problem I had with APRS on RF is I have too many users up north
      > that use my station on 145.030 and many have to node to my station, the APRS
      > transmissions were desensitizing receiving on 5.030 and 5.070, so I left my
      > UI-View presently not functioning on Telnet only, but DIGI threw RF Via
      > Telnet.
      > The use of my BBS on the VHF frequencies is too important verses APRS
      > transmissions.
      > Sorry I feel that way.
      > As soon as I get a chance I will bring the APRS station back up.
      > 73
      > Mike-N9PMO
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      > don.w9jun
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      > Subject: [BPQ32] APRS
      > Have done some reading about ui-view and bpq. I monitor 144.390 so wondering
      > if there is a purposeful way to implement aprs with bpq? I seem to pickup
      > more on 4.39 than any other packet freq in my location.
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