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6128Re: [BPQ32] APRS

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  • Bill Erhardt
    May 31, 2011
      Hi Gang,
      I have not found a use for APRS UI-View with BPQ32.
      I kept mine seperate using APRS Plus SA for Terrestrial IGATE (144.390) and Space SGATE (145.825). I have two copies of APRS Plus SA running as ui path is different.  I was playing with computer control when ISS or NO-44 AOS to LOS.  I had it working with the WISP program to some degree. Basically, APRS 145.010 runs all the time. When AOS (Aquistion of Signal) on WISP occurs, change freq to 145.825 and change ui path to via ISS.  At LOS ( Loss of Signal) I switched back to 145.010 and wide3-3.  I was trying to save power as I use solar/batteries( 7 Years and counting)  on my entire system (Computer, Internet connection, WX Station, Radios, and TNC's). Well, it was simpler to just buy a Kenwood TH-D7 and run it at 1 watt to a M2 Eggbeater 144. Its been running that way for two years.
      I have ad folks send Winlink Message via APRS Link through my IGATE and picked up Winlink message via APRS Link.  It does serve that purpose very nicely.
      It is fun to see three 2 meter rigs and all equipmet on solar all these years. I left my APRS on solar for 4 1/2 months while in Antarctica and it stayed up without me around..  I was not on BPQ32 at that time...
      Bill Erhardt K7MT
      Enjoy life, it does have an expiration date !!
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