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  • zs5s@iafrica.com
    Dec 3, 2006
      I am most grateful to John, G8BPQ and Mike, N9PMO, for assisting me
      in getting BPQ32 and FBB32 up and running and talking to each other.

      What I expected to be a piece of cake, activating the PK232 and
      the VHF transceiver, turns out te be another hurdle.

      - PC, PK232 and the radio are wired up correctly.

      - On the pc, I open up Hyper Terminal and connect to the PK232.
      After typing the * (star) I enter a string of commands.
      I found five different strings to get the PK232 in KISS mode but
      none of them seems to work ... probably something else is wrong.
      After typing in
      Hyper Terminal displays whatever activity there is on the channel.
      The strings of commands normally end in
      KISS ON
      HOST ON
      Next I close Hyper Terminal .... and wonder whether the commands
      are retained in the PK232?
      FBB is activated which opens BPQ32 instantly.
      In the 'Port' section of BPQ I have the following:

      PORTNUM=1 ; Optional but sets port number if stated
      ID=144.625 1200 Baud ; Displayed by PORT command
      TYPE=ASYNC ; EXTERNAL = calls an external module
      IOADDR=1 ; 3F8 serial 1, 2F8H serial
      CHANNEL=A ; A=1, B=2 etc. - required param
      QUALITY=10 ; Setting to 0 stops node broadcasts
      MAXFRAME=1 ; Max outstanding frames (1 through 7)
      TXDELAY 500
      FRACK=7000 ; Level 2 timeout in miliseconds
      RESPTIME=2000 ; Level 2 delayed ack timer in milliseconds
      RETRIES=7 ; Level 2 maximum retry value
      PACLEN=225 ; Default max packet length for this port
      UNPROTO=MAIL, ZS0HIL-2 ; DEFAULT UNPROTO ADDR (no 'v' required)

      I can hear Packet activity on the radio channel and it shows on the
      PK232 Tune bar but no display of what is going on on the Monitor
      functions in FBB and BPQTerminal.

      Beacon and unproto signals are generated but the VHF transceiver is
      not transmitting.

      It baffles me and your assistance would be highly appreciated.


      Joost, ZS5S


      For Homepage double-click: http://zs5s.net
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