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6037RE: [BPQ32] Re: kpc-3+

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  • Jerry
    May 17, 2011
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      Ahh I see IGATES….  I do not run an APRS Igate and if I understand won’t have a problem..


      I do know many that do with KPC3+ (does this apply to the KAM+ and KAMXL?? ).. I will watch for that particular phenomenon. On APRS..


      But the Packet side would not even need to raise a hair of concern… 73 jerry




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      > I have a few of the KPC3+'s, v8.2 firmware (non buggy v8.2 version) and they are rock solid units. One runs standalone for the APRS digi, uptime measured in years (no kidding), rock solid unit with excellent demod performance. Don't think I've ever had it lockup and has been in service on a very busy channel here between 4 major metro areas since at least 1997/1998.

      They don't lock up. They start delaying packets by minutes which
      means the delayed packets are outside the 30 second duplicate filter
      window and thus are accepted as additional legitimate packets. This
      results in really weird paths with jumps back and forth between
      current and old positions. It doesn't show in normal operation
      unless somebody notices the strange behavior and recognizes what it

      I think somebody is working out a way to scan the entire aprs-is feed
      and pick out the Igates doing this that haven't been recognized.

      It's going to be interesting seeing how this works out and what the
      real cause is...

      Bill - WA7NWP

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