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5995Re: Still looking for RP station

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  • bolt637
    Apr 30, 2011
      I will try your callsign on 40 meters robust. Thanks for
      posting the log, that was really cool. It looks like I am
      rejecting everything, I usually don't but some
      guy posted over 50 bulletins to @WW
      containing song lyrics in a foreign language. That's
      also a problem with internet forwarding, the end user thinks
      it's all done via the net so he doesn't see a problem
      with posting 500K worth of 7plus.

      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff - WA4ZKO" <wa4zko@...> wrote:
      > Steven, when I'm up in New England I usually find I have two windows for 40m connects back home. Around 5-6am or wait till the late afternoon/evening. I usually have the best luck in the early evening.
      > Glad to see you're enjoying RP ;-) Will have my portable RP station going next week, so I'll have a lot more RP testing flexibility.
      > 73
      > Jeff
      > WA4ZKO
      > Checked my logs, see bits-n-pieces of you in there over the last few days:
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