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589Re: no pirate !

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  • mark
    Nov 8, 2006
      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, jim <yahoomail1@...> wrote:
      > Hi Mark
      > I have been connecting to your system via GB7SK-2 and GB7BG-2
      > radio !! ) to access GB7MAX mailbox.
      > I hope this is ok,my system connects each hour to download the
      > I have just checked your routes list via the net (so I know it's
      > callsign involved) and I can assure you I am no pirate !
      > Jim GM7LUN
      Hi there JimÂ…..sorry for misunderstandingÂ…. I was acting on advice
      and plea's from a couple of my local usersÂ… they were obviously
      But I could understand their frustration as they use my node purely
      for dxcluster access which is the only reason I set it up in the
      first place !
      I think they had a few tries out due to the extra traffic on the 2m
      I have recently been making enquires in to changing over to dxspider
      But it all looks a bit complicated !!
      The only way round this is if you could get in to elmdx on 70cm
      I used to have a 70cm port until recently but the tnc has gone pear
      If I could get it up and running again you could certainly use that
      port for downloading message headers etc
      I hope this is going to work I will take the top of the tnc
      tonight !!!
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