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5722Re: N4JOA BBS

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  • Jeff - WA4ZKO
    Apr 7, 2011
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      Lot of it depends on if they are doing NAT or bridging on their "modem" and the resulting network layout. I'd try to find that info out. If you plug something directly into their modem, what IP address do you get (private IP or public).

      WISP's will often block traffic that looks like Peer-to-Peer and it's possible their network will not like a lot of UDP traffic flying around in the 100xx range.

      Can you get into the configuration screens of their modem or do they retain full control of it?


      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "yate4899" <yate4899@...> wrote:
      > Hi Everyone, I started using a different ISP Wednesday night.
      > So I'm having problems getting the port assignments reset up.
      > Also I do not have a static IP right now. So use the n4joa.no-ip.info to connect to me if you can. I probably can connect to you. But you may not be able to connect to me till we get the ports problem figured out again. If we do forward with you. My ISP modem is a Clear Modem Series G and I have it connected to my Netgear wireless router model WGR614v10 If any one has any configuration ideas for the two. I wanted to turn the DHCP on the ISP modem off and let my netgear do all the assigning as I have always done with my DSL modem. But my new ISP says I can not do that. So I have a conflict with the port through put now.
      > My new ISP is a wireless internet provider. You can find them at www.clear.com
      > Thanks for any help you can give!!
      > ...73's...Joel N4JOA@N4JOA
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