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5704Re: [BPQ32] Lid List_ (Was N5MDT stopping use of BPQ)

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  • DEC
    Apr 2 3:04 PM
      And you actually knew the freq. I was talking about. Imagine that. :)

      73 Dave

      On Apr 2, 2011, at 8:40 AM, "Charles Brabham" <n5pvl@...> wrote:



      He's probably referring to malicious interference, typically coming from Winlinkers who read something on the internet that they didn't like.
      In my experience, whenever anybody speaks up about their lid-like operating habits online - they arrainge for a little extra bit of interference on the frequency being talked about.
      It's the only tool in their little toolbox. - It's what they know how to do best.
      There was one occasion where it didn't work out that way though, so not all hope is lost.
      Attend carefully:
      One day, after watching WinLinkers crash my Packet QSOs for years on 14.098 ( Notice how I don't worry about listing the frequency? )
      I decided to start documenting the interference.
      Using screenshots to document the waterfall action, and MixW's PACTOR I rx capability to gather callsigns of offending WinLink client stations callsigns ( when they used callsigns ) within a few weeks, I had documentation and ID's related to over seventy-five interference events.
      The WinLink 'leadership' was blaming the inteference on the client stations instead of the servers at that time, so I took him at his word and concentrated on the client stations.
      My criteria was that the station had to actually transmit right on top of an ongoing QSO, and I had to personally witness the event. - Just being on frequrency when it was clear did not qualify a Winlink client for the lid-list.
      They had to be obvious, easy to document lids.
      Then I started publishing my screen-shots and my Lid-list on QRZed.com.
      There were flustered protestations of innocence, ( in the face of incontrovertable evidence ) redefinitions of the word "is", and of course I was called every name in the book and got all kinds of nasty-grams in my email inbox.
      The old "I didn't hear it" excuse did not fly in the face of over seventy-five interference events within a couple of weeks. The claim of not being able to hear a Packet net that included stations all over the US didn't go over very well, either.
      For a few days after that, there were TONS of Winlink interference events on 14.098 - but it tapered off very quickly because...
      Lo-and Behold! - WinLink clients didn't want to be spotlighted as lids on on QRZed, and started avoiding 14.098. - A good 70% of the interference went away - and it stayed that way. Today, five years later, there is still significantly less WinLink interference on that frequency, compared to lets say, 14.105 or any of the other automated packet sub-bands.
      The WB0TAX server is still stubbornly parked there after all these years - but he doesn't get much business on that frequency.  :-)
      I realize of course that I'll probably see some extra interference on 14.098 after posting this, but you know what?
      I also know that it won't last very long at all - for the obvious reason.
      I did this - and so can anyone else.
      73 DE Charles Brabham, N5PVL
      Prefer to use radio for your amateur radio communications? - Stop by at HamRadioNet.Org !
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      HUH?  "constant carrier"???  What is that?
      Howard W6IDS

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