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5671RE: [BPQ32] missing alias in nodeslist - was: routing incorrect

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  • John Wiseman
    Apr 1, 2011
      A couple of possibilites.
      Some XNET nodes sometimes send routing updates without an Alias.
      Or, if you get connect request from a node that isn't in your nodes list, it wll be added, but the alias isn't known.

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      Subject: [BPQ32] missing alias in nodeslist - was: routing incorrect



      Probably related to this, since they seem to occur simultaniously. I often notice that some stations are missing their alias in the nodeslist. Like for instance at the moment of writing XnYSM:PI1YSM-10 is listed as merely PI1YSM-10 on Sergej's UT1HZM-5's nodeslist. Some other stations are missing their alias too.

      When I see this I can be sure that the link to Sergej fails and that some XNet servers have "taken over" the routing path. As said: restarting the node solves this connectivity problem and missing alias problem. And the common denominator in both problems is XNet node...

      One last remark. I had links to Xnet nodes (VE2PKT and PI1DXC) and then this problem never occurred. It started when I openend an AX/UDP link to PI1YSM-10 that is a XNet node. Not necessarily putting the blame there, nor on XNet nodes, but on the inter operation between BPQ and (some) XNet nodes.


      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "John Wiseman" <john.wiseman@...> wrote:

      > Marc,
      XNET stations generate stupidly high quality values for AX/UDP NETROM
      connections. This is due to the algorithm used to convert INP3 Round Trip
      > times to NETROM qualities - it is fine for radio links with an RTT
      > several seconds, but gives values over 250 for subsecond
      > The best solution is to run INP3 on all links from BPQ32
      to XNET, and other
      > software that insists on using INP3. BPQ32 will then
      use the INP3 round trip
      > times, and ignore the spurious NETROM
      > To enable INP3, you need to lock a route to the
      staion, with the quality set
      > very low (but not zero) and the INP3 Flag
      Set, eg
      > PI1YSM-10,1,P,0,0,0,1 where P is the AXIP port
      > 73,
      > John
      > _____
      > From:
      href="mailto:BPQ32%40yahoogroups.com">BPQ32@yahoogroups.com [mailto:BPQ32@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of
      > marc_pd4u
      > Sent: 31 March 2011 14:04
      > To:
      > Subject:
      [BPQ32] routing incorrect
      > Hi
      > I have an AX/UDP link to UT1HZM-5. And UT1HZM-5 only has
      AX/UDP links to me
      > and VK2DOT. But I have several links to XNet servers:
      PI1YSM-10 and VE2PKT.
      > Now what happens: after a while I can't
      connect to UT1HZM-5 anymore,
      > although he is in my routin list ánd is
      active, because the routing is
      > directed to PI1YSM-10 (i.e. a XNet
      station). When i connect to PI1YSM-10 and
      > give the command "n ut1hzm-5"
      then PI1YSM responds:
      > Xnet PI1YSM-10}
      > *** route:
      PI1YSM-10 PI1CDR VE2PKT-3 PI8APE-12 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Pi1YSM-10*
      > I
      have noticed that XNet servers work faster sometimes and thus a route via
      > XNet stations is often preferred if there are several paths to a
      > But the "alternative" path is via my server PI8APE-12, so can't
      be a faster
      > connection...
      > So why is Pi1YSM-10 routing to
      UT1HZM-5 first via PI8CDR and VE2PKT instead
      > of directly to me, i.e.
      > route: PI1YSM-10 PI8APE-12 UT1HZM-5 PI8APE-12 PI1YSM-10*
      > When I choose "Clear nodes and reread config" all is FB again. But then
      > is necessary to restart my node every 24h or so...
      Marc, PD4U/PI8APE

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