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559RE: [BPQ32] Wfbb32's dll's

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  • John Wiseman
    Oct 18, 2006
      Hi Harold,
      In the "new" 32bit FBB (version 7.1.35), the interfaces between the bbs itself, and the underlying comms network is implemented as a set of dlls. So there is one for using a DED host mode TNC (ded.dll), one for AGW Packet Engine (agw.dll), one for BPQ32 (bpq.dll), and a few others. These go in the "drivers" subdirectory. Incidentally, the bpq.dll that comes with the fbb distribution doesn't work all that well - I've placed an improved version in the files section of this group.
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      Sent: 18 October 2006 01:18
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      Subject: [BPQ32] Wfbb32's dll's

      I wish there was an FBB group but hadnt seem to find one so I hope for
      all those that use Wfbb32 with bpq32 can answer this question. Im
      about to upgrade my 16bit fbb to the wfbb32 and noticed in the readme
      file thats on one of the ftp sites i downloaded the fbb files from,
      its stated......

      - port.sys is no longer used. It is replaced by ports.sys.
      Its format is different (may be easier ?).

      - You MUST create a sub-directory under the fbb\system directory named
      This sub-directory will hold all driver DLLs (xxx.dll).

      - Other 2 DLLs (from M$soft) have to be copied into the fbb base

      What DLLs are we talking about in the statement above?
      I saw a .zip file with some DLLs in them but dont know if this is what
      needs to be added.

      Thanks for your help.

      Las Vegas, NV.

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