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5517Re: [BPQ32] Connect to JNOS with AXIP via BPQ

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  • ddm@lnx-vk7hdm.dnsalias.org
    Feb 28, 2011
      > I have a JNOS user who wants to connect via AXIP
      > I have set them up the same way as all the other
      > AXIP users he tell me that JNOS doesn't use a UDP connect but
      > a AXIP connect. is there something I need to set different
      > on my end he also stated that it needed to be port 93 not 10093
      > Has anyone had a good experience with this and can tell me what they did.
      > Thanks
      > Stephen VE9SC

      Hi Stephen,

      I forgot to say when jnos is compiled you can add both axip and axudp or
      only one.

      there are already to run compile' from the jnos (ve4klm) site that have
      both axip and axudp ports compiled into them

      here is web site

      Best Regards
      Danny Moss
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