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530Re: winfbb32 + bpq32 - sync unproto problem

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  • g3ldi
    Oct 6, 2006
      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "pjaopjaopjao" <pjao.ct2jay@...> wrote:
      > Hi all!
      > We have upgraded our current bbs to windows, recover all messages and
      > so on.
      > The bbs is up and running quite well. Traffic is being passed on the
      > traffic port, users are connecting on the user port; seems to be no
      > problems there.
      > The problem starts with the users asking for resysnc of unproto
      > messages. Some way the headers I saw broadcast were not in my winpack
      > bull list. It does the some problem with other programs.
      > Is it a problem with configuration of bpq32 or with winfbb32?
      > Thanks for any help
      > Paulo
      > ct2jay


      I am having similar problems here. I am sure it is the FBB
      configuration that
      is the problem. I also cannot run PG rpograms from the new WINFBB32 BBS
      that I used to run from the 16 bit version. Most of these were written
      by other
      people, like Ken, G3WCS, and worked very well. However, I have tried
      loads of
      variations in FBB and nothing will make it work.

      Like Paulo, I would also appreciate some suggestions, perhaps from
      that has managed to get it all working properly? I am also unable to
      edit a message
      with the EM command. This no longer works. There must be others that I
      have not
      actually tried as yet.

      I have tried several different versions of ENGLISH.TXT files as some
      errors crept
      in with the use of an older version.

      Probably these are teething problems with a new version, as F6FBB no
      seems interested.

      73 de Roger, G3LDI

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