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5297Re: [BPQ32] Help with Chat

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  • Hank Oredson
    Feb 1, 2011
      Any sort of linking will fail with hidden transmitters.
      With 5 hidden transmitters, they will all be stepping on
      the acks from the others, and will retry out.
      Here we solve this problem by providing multiple frequencies at each node.
      Never more than 3 transmitters on each frequency, and all must hear each other.
      We use 6M, 2M, 223, 70cm.
      Most links are 9600, with a few links at 1200.
      One of the EMCOMM "networks" has over 20 transmitters on the same frequency.
      As expected it is totally useless.
      There are protocols other than normal AX.25 that will work with hidden transmitters.
      Those protocols poll each remote station from a single central station.
      The remote stations never transmit except to respond to their poll.
        ... Hank
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      Here in FL almost all have hidden ants not everyone can hear each other that's why we have the node at 150 feet. So your saying chat will never work unless every body can hear every one??


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      Any hidden transmitters?
      That would be a killer on a channel with 6 transmitters active.
      If every one does not hear everyone else ... it will fail.
        ... Hank
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      May be the 3 that are getting disconnected should compare their settings
      The 2 that are not getting disconnected.


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