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5288Re: Nodes/Routes not dropping out after link failure

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  • Jeff - WA4ZKO
    Feb 1, 2011
      No. Should I?


      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "John Wiseman" <john.wiseman@...> wrote:
      > Have you disabled the node keepalive mechanism?
      > 73,
      > John
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      > wa4zko
      > Sent: 01 February 2011 19:48
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      > Subject: [BPQ32] Nodes/Routes not dropping out after link failure
      > I recently installed a 9.6k backbone to backup a somewhat shaky internet
      > connection between two BPQ32 based sites. The 9.6k ports have a route
      > quality a few notches below the AXIP links. My assumption was that BPQ32's
      > internal router should detect the AXIP link is down (may take a minute or
      > two, but that's fine) and automatically "fail-over" to the 9.6k RF path.
      > Last night, for giggles, I pulled the network cable to simulate a failure of
      > the AXIP port. From there I watched and waited. The nodes (as expected)
      > tried to talk over AXIP for a bit. One eventually dropped the AXIP route,
      > the other just seemed heck bent on using the AXIP port. This went on for a
      > good 20 minutes. Even after fresh node broadcasts were exchanged on both
      > ends....the one node continued non-stop trying to contact the other node
      > over the AXIP port. They refused to talk over the backbone RF port,
      > insisting on using the axip port. During this there was no way I could
      > connect via the 9.6k RF port to the other node.
      > The one node required a total restart to get it to stop trying to use the
      > AXIP port.
      > After both nodes were restarted (the axip link is still down at this point)
      > and exchanged node broadcasts, they seemed to talk fine over the RF
      > backbone.
      > We have a couple other BPQ32 nodes nearby in testing and fairly often we'll
      > see one fail/refuse to remove a "down" node and spend hours trying to reach
      > it. Restarting the node seems to be the only way to stop it.
      > Thoughts? Ideas? Bug in the BPQ32 router?
      > 73
      > Jeff
      > WA4ZKO
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