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520Re: BPQ32 + FBB7.01.35 + AR-CLuster?

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  • John Wiseman
    Sep 24, 2006
      Hi Roger,

      I don't think you should have problems running the latest 32bit FBB
      on the same machine as AR-Cluster. I've run it here, although only
      in a test rather than 'live' environment.

      When you say you have problems forwarding to a BBS running 16 bit
      software, is that DOS FBB, WIN FBB or something else? If you could
      send me a trace of it going wrong, I may be able to help.


      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "g3ldi" <g3ldi@...> wrote:
      > Hi.
      > I have spent a lot of time with help from Mike, N9PMO, getting
      > the 32 bit FBB and BPQ software working. It all seems to work fine
      > except that when forwarding with another BBS running 16 bit
      > it disconnects and sometimes just stops. I have also noticed that
      > sometimes the BBS will try forwarding and is not talking to the
      > TNC. It all works again after closing the bss down and re-booting.
      > I was hoping to run AR-Cluster on the same machine, but reading
      > through the postings, it looks like that causes problems. I do have
      > a second machine running the Satgate and could install the Cluster
      > on there if necessary.
      > Any thoughts from the experts?????
      > 73 de Roger, G3LDI
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