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510Re: BPQ & Telpac

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  • MIchael Melnik Sr.
    Aug 21, 2006
      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "kg9og" <kg9og@...> wrote:
      > HI Brian/KG9OG
      > Well so far the only thing i have been using airmail for is to
      >check for my messages at the winlink server and my FBB BBS
      (Personal messages), i have used it with to link to other BBS'S
      on telnet, to be honost with you i haven't tried it with a TNC,
      the newest version (I Think) 3.3.048, the Writer is still working
      to make it work with AGWPE, I did enable it and like the Writer
      claims it will error out, but i also was running all the other stuff
      with AGW, i haven't tried it to AGWPE by it self, nor have i tried
      it with just a TNC alone, if i get a chance today or tomorrow i will
      experiment with it, What i find dissapointing is that outpost will
      work with AGW, but i have very little good to say about outpost..

      Let me do a little checking Brian, and see what i come up with..


      > Hi Mike/N9PMO
      > In your Aug 19 post you said
      > > I am running winfbb 7.01a, bpq32u (self installing) Telpac air
      > > UI-View
      > I have been searching for a way to interface an Airmail packet
      > to a tnc driver like the AGW packet engine. To:
      > 1. Facilitate more kinds of tnc to work with the Airmail program.
      > 2. Enable Airmail and Telpac to share one tnc.
      > I wonder if you have found the secret. I'm curious how you are
      > the Airmail at your location.
      > Or anyone else that has experience linking the Airmail program to a
      > tnc switch.
      > Brian/KG9OG
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