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505Re: [BPQ32] Re: BPQ & Telpac

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  • John H. Green
    Aug 19, 2006
          Actually I have Telpac Winpack and Paclinkagw working with AGWPE but have had funny things happen once in a while.. I have been running dos BPQ for many years and like the stability of it. I would like to move off the dos machine to an all windows environment with BPQ32 being the switch to handle everything except Airmail.  As usual, nothing comes easy.
          BPQ32 is up and running, controls the tnc's ok and I am able to use BPQTerminal. Any other program seems to have a problem either initializing or communicating with bpq - either direct to bpq or using BPQtoAGW.. I have tried AGWterm, Winpack and Paclinkagw - none of these will initialize.. Telpac, as I indicated, will initialize and send beacons out, just cannot connect incoming.  I'm probably missing something really simple..
      73  John

      MIchael Melnik Sr. wrote:
      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "John H. Green" <wb4moz@...> wrote:
      John, Why are you trying to get agwpe a head of BPQ, or BPQ 
      controlling the TNC,S?  I use agwpe to control the TNC's and use
      Telpac, Ui-View with no problems.  Mike/N9PMO
          I am trying to get telpac to work with bpq32 and agwtobpq.. So 
      far I 
      have been able to get telpac to recognize bpq and be registered as 
      application in the agwtobpq show apps. I cannot connect to telpac, 
      just shows connect attempts until timeout...
          I also have tried winpack - it will not initialize either 
      to bpq or via the agwtobpq interface.
      Any suggestions or hints would be appreciated. If anyone has a 
      bpq configuration then a copy of the bpqcfg.txt file might show 
      what I 
      am missing.
      73  John
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