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4817Re: [BPQ32] Re: For Info - RMS Packet Version has been released

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  • gervais
    Jan 4, 2011
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      Bonsoir bill
      well it sems quite a good application too add to any system,
      some say that internet is verywhere but in fact you taking step too cover your area and this tool is great.
      that's a way that represent ham-radio,helping people reaching people....
      well maybe i could try it locally Visage émoticône))))))))
      here i am one of the rare user of my packet network,many have left for their personnal reason,one of them is it was not reachable by emails so this way ,,,it resolved a problem.
      felication,congratulation too the person ,or the team,that worked on that RMS software
      73/s and best 2011

      Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2011 12:39 PM
      Subject: Re: [BPQ32] Re: For Info - RMS Packet Version has been released

      Hi Gervais,
      Bill Erhardt in Helena, Mt. K7MT.
      RMS Packet is a Winlink Programs that interfaces VHF Packet Radio to the internet so E-mail's can be sent/received.  You must register with Winlink to get a email address for routing  callsign@....  That way say I send an e-mail to my sister in North Dakoka and she replies, I pick it up on the Winlnk Site.  Pretty Cool...
      Here in Montana we are trying to get several RMS sites linked through Mountain Top X1J4 packet nodes. So say if the internet goes down in the Helena, Montana area (Local outage due to whatever) I can node hop to Missoula or Great Falls, Montana and still send and recieve e-mail. 
      Another part is RMS packet can be interfaced with RMS HF using the RMS Relay program and if everything goes down you can still do email VHF to HF out of an area. Draw back I see is you must have a Pactor III Modem with this senerio.
      I use BPQ so I can route vhf traffice using Winmor on HF. Inexpensive way to accomplish same mission but it is slower on Winmor.  So there is give and take but it works..
      Hope this helps as I am fairly new to BPQ and all its capabilities and I am just having a blast...
      Cheers  Bill K7MT
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