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4808RE: [BPQ32] re BPQ 12/20 BPQMailChat fails

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  • John Wiseman
    Jan 4, 2011
      I can confirm that there is a problem with the Non-delivery notification mechanism, which is some cases can cause a repeating program error. If you are running version or later, please disable it until I can release a fix.
      I apologies for any problems caused.
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      Subject: [BPQ32] re BPQ 12/20 BPQMailChat fails


      If you have problems with the latest release of BPQMailChat failing repeatedly within 2-3 minutes of starting, try disabling Non-delivery notifications. (in the Housekeeping config).
      This feature is new to this release, and I've just received a debug log pointing to this area of code.
      It might even be worth disabling them as a precaution, until I can verify if this is the problem, and if so fix it.
      John G8BPQ

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