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4792New HamRadioNet Yahoo group

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  • Charles Brabham
    Jan 2, 2011
      I have started a new Yahoo group for those who are interested in discussing and keeping up with what's going on with the HamRadioNet network, just now getting started.
      HRN stations use amateur radio exclusively, do not use message compression, and only carry a few bulletins which can only be entered into the system by HRN SYSOPs. The primary activity is P-mail, and collecting data for propagation studies, further down the road. The primary mission is an independent, global, all-ham radio digital network.
      HRN will also be incorporating Amateur Multicast Protocol for its first significant and regular use on HF, making HRN a two-mode network; HF Packet and PSK-63.
      With a drastically reduced load of bulletins, HRN should be able to move its messages very quickly and reliably, compared to the traditional Packet network. HF multicast will give us the global bulletin coverage that the original Packet network strove for, but never achieved in its heyday.
      With the traditional Packet net, anybody who can sort of figure out the software can be a SYSOP, and go on to cause great mischief. With the HamRadioNet, only registered SYSOPs may participate, and there is a positive mechanism for identifying and ousting troublemakers, the most important of which being a clear and plainly stated set of rules.
      With no internet links, message routing will once again be rational, and users will know that they are using an amateur radio service, as opposed to using an internet service with amateur radio hung onto it as a pathetic, parasitic afterthought.
      Note that HamRadioNet is in no way intended to replace or undermine the old Packet net, still loved on account of its warts as much as it is loved despite them. - The Packet network will always be an invaluble resource to HRN folks, - An established place to direct those who just can't seem to get the HamRadioNet mission.
      If you 'get it', and the idea of a fresh start for an amateur radio digital network sounds refreshing to you, then perhaps this new Yahoo group will be a good place to start.

      73 DE Charles Brabham, N5PVL
      Prefer to use radio for your amateur radio communications? - Stop by at HamRadioNet.Org !
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