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478Re: Running Programs written to use TFWIN, TFWIN32 or TF2AGW with BPQ32

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  • John Wiseman
    Jun 29 3:33 AM
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      Hi Steven,

      Sorry for the delay in replying - I've been away sailing.

      I've looked into this, and it seems to be a clash between the
      monitor format I generate, and what FBB expects. I'll investigate
      further after the sailing season, but in the meantime you can get
      round it by supressing monitoring in FBB - just remove the line "M
      IUSC" (or similar) from INITTNC1.SYS. You can still monitor using



      > Works great! But I found a showstopper:
      > If anyone on the frequency uses a old fashioned
      > digipeater, and that digipeated frame is monitored,
      > the whole thing comes crashing down. I would have
      > to dig deep to give you the exact error and addresses,
      > but would suggest you give it a try on a freq
      > that uses digi's.
      > like n1ohx>mofor>n1llu type frames.
      > I am using fbb16 7.00I, with bpqded16.dll renamed to
      > tfwin.dll and placed in the fbb directory. interface in
      > winfbb is selected as tfwin. bpqded32 is in systemroot.
      > Like I said, it works great, till that pesky digipeated frame
      > comes along :-(
      > address is steven2@...
      > best 73 and thanks for taking the time to make these
      > valuable drivers! it is appreciated!
      > steven,
      > N1OHX
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