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4750RE: [BPQ32] New Install BPQMailChat

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  • Mike Melnik
    Dec 28, 2010
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      All though there has been some changes or additions the installation is
      Very simple, some of the high lights are:
      Welcome Messages (May be edited)
      Message Filters, (Reject & Hold for FROM, TO & AT)
      Some minor changes in the Manage Users and Manage Forwarding:
      RMS Polling
      Auto Registry Save, Enable/Disable keeps all your forwarding partners,
      Etc, Root will be in the BPQ32 Folder
      Return Message Routing Function

      After installing the latest version you will need to save the configuration,
      Next two or three Tabs, then restart MailChat.

      Changes in BPQ32_410p_20101220 (Latest Version) the BPQ Telnet Server is now

      Set up in the BPQ32.CFG File, if you were using the BPQTelnetServer.cfg from

      Previous versions please make a copy, In the Telnet Server is added to the
      The Telnet Server will Auto Start with BPQ32.EXE, the AXIP.CFG and IPGATEWAY
      can also
      Be placed in the BPQ32.CFG File.
      INP3 Routes can be used to help prevent Flooding your Nodes Table from XNET
      and similar.

      I am sure I missed a few things but feel free to ask,

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      Charles Brabham
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      Subject: [BPQ32] New Install BPQMailChat

      I'm giving BPQMailChat a try.
      Any words of wisdom, or gotchas to look out for? - It's been a while since I
      last tried it.
      73 DE Charles, N5PVL
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