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4746Re: [BPQ32] BPQ Telnet Server

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  • Hank Oredson
    Dec 28, 2010
      How would keyboard packet operators access it?
      Why wouldn't they just connect to the BPQ node or to the BBS directly via packet?
      Seems a bit unclear what you are asking for.
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      That's not what I want.. I do not want FBB to connect to it at all. I want the BPQ Telnet Server
      for use by keyboard packet operators. But I want to still use the FBB telnet for forwarding with
      other bbs's... at the same time.


      On 12/28/2010 7:18 PM, Mike Melnik wrote:



      Nothing special except that you can not have the duplicate port
      If you are going to connect from FBB to BPQ telnet server you would
      Setup the file similar to the following

      C C N9PMO 8011
      V N9PMO$W######$WPMOBBS

      Where is the LAN Address of the computer and port 8011
      Has been selected to be used for FBB Access in the Telnet Server
      Configuration file: FBBPORT=8011 DisconnectOnClose=1
      Use the Alias of your BPQ-BBS instead of the Call sign: $WPMOBBS

      There are two ports in the BPQ Telnet Server, one is for manual connects
      The other is exclusive to FBB


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      I am running both FBB 7.00i and BPQMailChat on the same XP Pro computer. I
      am also running RMS Packet with BPQMailChat. I am NOT running the Chat
      function. I am using the Telnet function of FBB.

      My question: Can I also run BPQ Telnet Server? Are there any special
      precautions? Anything extra that I need to be aware of using telnet on both
      FBB and BPQ?

      73,  K.O. N0KFQ


      K.O. Higgs

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