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469Re: locked route links

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  • abertheaume
    May 18, 2006
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      I have a question regarding your method of control here. You

      "This works because I lock routes for the nodes I want at
      > higher values."
      <end snip>

      My question being, if you "lock" a route, don't you continue to
      broadcast that route/node combination even if it is offline?

      Art, N9ZZK

      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "Ron Stordahl N5IN" <ron.stordahl@...>
      > No, BPQ32 does not sent connect requests. It does send node
      > broadcasts however. But it's the receiving side which decides
      > ones are of high enough quality to enter into it's own node tables.
      > That is dependendent upon the receiving sides Locked route quality
      > it has one for the node it is receiving), the default QUALITY (if
      > does not have a locked one for the node it is receiving). Then for
      > those subnodes it receives in such a broadcast the parm MINQUAL
      > determines if such subnodes will be added to it's tables.
      > I see that in my example configurations I have MINQUAL equal to
      > QUALITY. I do so to strictly control what nodes end up in my nodes
      > tables. This works because I lock routes for the nodes I want at
      > higher values. As a result I have no nodes in my tables with a Q
      > lower than QUALITY. You may not want to do it this way. I will
      as a
      > test lower MINQUAL to say 168 and see how many entries I end up
      > in my nodes tables...might not be too many after all.
      > I was concerned at one time about too large a nodes table, but I
      > that fear is not well founded.
      > Ron, N5IN
      > --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, Mark Harloff <mharloff@> wrote:
      > >
      > > If a route is locked at a high enough quality (above the
      > > shouldn't the node send out a connect request (and a node list
      > > broadcast) to that locked node at startup or, atleast at
      the 'node
      > > broadcast interval' ?
      > >
      > > I setup a new node partner as a locked route with a quality of
      255 and
      > > rebooted the switch but I don't see any attempts in the monitor
      > > from my node to try to connect (or send a broadcast) to the
      > node.
      > >
      > > - Mark K2CAN
      > >
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