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467Re: locked route links

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  • Ron Stordahl N5IN
    May 17, 2006
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      No, BPQ32 does not sent connect requests. It does send node
      broadcasts however. But it's the receiving side which decides which
      ones are of high enough quality to enter into it's own node tables.
      That is dependendent upon the receiving sides Locked route quality (if
      it has one for the node it is receiving), the default QUALITY (if it
      does not have a locked one for the node it is receiving). Then for
      those subnodes it receives in such a broadcast the parm MINQUAL
      determines if such subnodes will be added to it's tables.

      I see that in my example configurations I have MINQUAL equal to
      QUALITY. I do so to strictly control what nodes end up in my nodes
      tables. This works because I lock routes for the nodes I want at
      higher values. As a result I have no nodes in my tables with a Q
      lower than QUALITY. You may not want to do it this way. I will as a
      test lower MINQUAL to say 168 and see how many entries I end up with
      in my nodes tables...might not be too many after all.

      I was concerned at one time about too large a nodes table, but I think
      that fear is not well founded.

      Ron, N5IN
      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, Mark Harloff <mharloff@...> wrote:
      > If a route is locked at a high enough quality (above the minimum),
      > shouldn't the node send out a connect request (and a node list
      > broadcast) to that locked node at startup or, atleast at the 'node
      > broadcast interval' ?
      > I setup a new node partner as a locked route with a quality of 255 and
      > rebooted the switch but I don't see any attempts in the monitor window
      > from my node to try to connect (or send a broadcast) to the partner
      > - Mark K2CAN
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