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4429RE: [BPQ32] Oh I get by with a little help from my friends !!!!! (K7MT)

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  • Mike Melnik
    Dec 2, 2010

      There are 3 configuration files within BPQ32.CFG

      I think you are referring to AXIP.CFG? For the most part these are all UDP
      Under special conditions you can use TCP Connections in the AXIP.CFG how
      ever this requires
      Special settings and a single port for each user were as UDP can have
      multiple UDP
      Connections on 1 UDP Port, my 2 pubic UDP Port s are UDP 93 and 10093.

      If you wanted to setup AXIP Network between you and me you would add to your
      MAP N9PMO-2 N9PMO.DYNDNS.ORG UDP 10093 B or UDP 93 B (N9PMO-2 is my Node

      IN my AXIP.CFG I would set you as:
      MAP K7MT-6 K7MT.DYNDNS.ORG UDP 10093 B or the UDP Port you would prefer, if
      Then 93 or 10093 I would have to add another port and the:
      UDP 10093 or 93 statement, example of a typical AXIP.CFG:

      MHEARD ;(Allows Nodes to be heard and tabled)
      UDP 93 ;(Optional UDP Port or Ports, Same function as next line)
      UDP 10093 ;(Port to send & receive on this UDP Port Number)
      AUTOADDMAP ;(Automatically adds any station sending a Broadcast
      to your Node)
      BROADCAST NODES ;(Enables Node ID, Broadcast to be sent, Similar to B
      MAP N9PMO-2 N9PMO.DYNDNS.ORG UDP 10093 B (The -2 is optional)

      For TCP Connections in the AXIP.CFG is a whole different setup:

      Now there is the BPQTelnetServer.CFG how ever this is for (inbound)
      connections only
      No (outbound connections can be made via Telnet).

      IPGATEWAY.CFG is used to change a DNS Host name to a specified Static IP
      Address (Port Mapper)

      I hope this clears things up a bit, if not feel free to ask!


      Mike Melnik-N9PMO
      Web WWW.N9PMO.com
      Group Moderator http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BPQ32/
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      Howdy Gang,
      Again, thanks to Ken for helping out this old dude in understanding port
      forwarding in a router, ipconfig to tell the tcpip to only use this IP, and
      message forwarding on the BBSCHAT.
      Ye Ha, I linked into KEN KD6PGI on rf about half hour ago for my first
      internet link using BPQ 32. Up and running now with RMS Server, BBS, and
      Chat.  I think my host dns is k7mt-6.dynalias.com  Ken correct me if I am
      wrong as you have it in your cfg file..
      Cheers all Bill K7MT
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