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  • Bill Erhardt
    Nov 29, 2010
      Hi Rick,
      Nice to hear from you out there at Cape Code.  Happy Holidaze from Bill out here in Montana.
      I did packet a lot 85 - 95 Rick as it was the only way I could get my Keplarian Elements for Satellite Tracking and ARRL Bulletins.  I never have been an ARRL Member as I put my funds into AMSAT and their projects.  When the Internet showed up in the mied - late 90's well that just killed packet out here. I remember we had the BBS up until about 1995 and when I last checked it there were no updates from AMSAT for two years and I had been the only to check in for two years.   I kinda miss it....
      Enough of old stuff.  Yes, I am looking at once again having AMSAT/ARRL Bulletins on my BBS with BPQ 32 along with Chat and a RMS Packet Server.  We have put up about 6 - 8 X 1J4 nodes throughout Western Montana for some pretty good coverage.  There are two other RMS Packet Servers so in an emergency we could get e-mail out through one of them and if not I have Winmor on the sidelines with RMS Express and I can forward the messages etc. if needed during a disater or whatever.  It is basic but we have to start some where.  I think Army Mars out here as several SCS Pactor station to cover a lot of the State into the DES OFFICE also.
      I should have my BPQ 32 up and running this week and will hop on and chat with you on the chat mode if your about. I will e-mail when I get her up and going.  I ski a lot in the winter so not home a lot........ Retired and do a few Wild Land Fires in Summer and then winter is what or wherever as noticed on my web page.  I even skied in Antarctica and had a blast.
      Cheers Rick and again thanks for the nice e-mail and next time it will be on packet..... slower but more fun..
      Bill K7MT
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