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4391RE: [BPQ32] New to BPQ 32

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  • John Wiseman
    Nov 27, 2010
      Hi Bill,
      A station can connect to your node on RF, then connect to other BBS systems via AXIP links running over the Internet. Or you could set up a link to the BBS in Kentucky and ask him to forward the AMSAT and ARRL Bulletins to your BBS, so your users can read them on your BBS.
      One TNC can be used to access several applications. You can either set up each application with a different SSID, so, your example a user would connect to K7MT-1 for your BBS, K7MT-2 for your Chat Node, K7MT-10 for RMS Packet, or the user could connect to the Node callsign, then select the application (eg BBS, RMS, etc).
      I see from your web site that you also use Winmor. BPQ32 can also use the Winmor TNC. Users could connect to your RMS Packet system on HF via Winmor, or you could send messages from your BBS to other BBS or RMS Winmor stations.
      I don't know much about APRS Plus Sa, but people have used UIVIew32 as an I Gate with BPQ32.
      Good luck, and please ask if you need any help setting up the system.
      John G8BPQ
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      Howdy from Bill K7MT Helena, Mt.

      I am new to BPQ32 and have a couple questions I cannot find an answer in the documentation:
      1. Can an RF station connect to a BBS say in Kentucky through my Switch. I notice a nice BBS with AMSAT and ARRL Bulletins so could a RF station connect to my BPQ Switch, then connect to the BBS via the internet and read say Keps to update the Wisp program ???

      2. I will have RMS Packet, MailBox, and internet on the switch for now using Kantronics KPC-2 - DVR 2-2 Radio 145.010. When I set this up can i have all three RMS Packet, Internet, local BBS on the one TNC. I don't quite undertand the virtual TNC concept yet but believe that is how I hook up all three to one real tnc ???

      I look forward to learning and activating my BPQ 32 Switch here in Helena, Mt. with the 3 on 145.010, APRS Igate on 144.390 APRS Plus SA, and SGate ISS NO-44 and the new one when its activated for APRS on 145.800. I am on Solar/batteries 24/7.

      I used Airmail at McMurdo Station Antarctica the two season I was there on WinLink and this new digital stuff is sure fun....

      I look forward to fun times.

      Bill K7MT

      http://www.k7mt.com Pics of McMurdo Station and the Ham Shack if interested.

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