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  • k7mt
    Nov 26, 2010
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      Howdy from Bill K7MT Helena, Mt.

      I am new to BPQ32 and have a couple questions I cannot find an answer in the documentation:
      1. Can an RF station connect to a BBS say in Kentucky through my Switch. I notice a nice BBS with AMSAT and ARRL Bulletins so could a RF station connect to my BPQ Switch, then connect to the BBS via the internet and read say Keps to update the Wisp program ???

      2. I will have RMS Packet, MailBox, and internet on the switch for now using Kantronics KPC-2 - DVR 2-2 Radio 145.010. When I set this up can i have all three RMS Packet, Internet, local BBS on the one TNC. I don't quite undertand the virtual TNC concept yet but believe that is how I hook up all three to one real tnc ???

      I look forward to learning and activating my BPQ 32 Switch here in Helena, Mt. with the 3 on 145.010, APRS Igate on 144.390 APRS Plus SA, and SGate ISS NO-44 and the new one when its activated for APRS on 145.800. I am on Solar/batteries 24/7.

      I used Airmail at McMurdo Station Antarctica the two season I was there on WinLink and this new digital stuff is sure fun....

      I look forward to fun times.

      Bill K7MT

      http://www.k7mt.com Pics of McMurdo Station and the Ham Shack if interested.
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