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4154Copy a port to another node's port

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  • Miroslav Skoric
    Nov 2, 2010
      Hi all!

      Is it possible to 'pipe' (copy and transfer) received data on one of the
      ports of BPQ 4.09d node running on a DOS machine, and to display that
      data in a terminal window of the BPQ32 node on a Windows machine? (The
      interface between the nodes is BPQEther.)

      This is my test station:

      _____________ ____________________
      VHF |MS DOS 5 comp| |MS Windows 2000 comp|
      TRX--TNC2--|BPQ4.09d, PZT| --- LAN --- | BPQ32 4.10n, FBB |-- I'net
      ant ------------- --------------------

      Misko YT7MPB
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