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4141Re: [BPQ32] $MID changes.

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  • Dave Webb AFA2HV
    Oct 31, 2010
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      Thanks for the ideas Peter. I'll look into those.

      On 10/31/2010 11:55 PM, Peter - ZL2BAU wrote:

      On 01/11/10 15:23, Dave Webb AFA2HV wrote:


      $:ARLP_10043 Would be the correct $MID for the AFMARS system and is not refiled to the ham network. That is not the problem. The change of bid from ARLP_10043 to 163_AFC2MC is what I am concerned with. That still is a BIG problem. The 10xxx is for the year.
      73 Dave


      Hi Dave,

                   Well I guess you have to work out where it`s being changed, is it your MSYS BBS making the change on the forward of the message or is it BPQMailChat making the change on decompression ?

      Does this happen to *all* mail, MSYS <> BPQMailChat or just certain ones ?

      Have you tried going back one version of BPQMailChat, I note you are running ?

      Did this happen with ?

      Maybe something to do with *B2* ?

      Regards ..... Peter

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