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3969RE: [BPQ32] Re: Remote SysOp

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  • John Wiseman
    Oct 3, 2010
      Ok, Rod,
      I think what you are calling Restart is my re-read config command. I thought you wanted to be able to shut down and restart the software.
      I realise that with your setup having the same call on two nodes may not be a problem, but if I change the software it could be for others. I'll see if I can make it an option.
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      RESTART - Will only be used after we update BPQ32.cfg, BPQTelnetServer.cfg or BPQAXIP.cfg, etc - to quickly update BPQ32 [as we do now from the local console. If we are adding other remote software, etc at a later date - then if we have to restart the said software, then we will reboot the remote laptop.

      - Will be used if we update BPQ32.exe, etc software, or there is a dramatic problem with the remote laptop that requires rebooting.

      The remote laptops [being soak tested at present] are running Windows MicroXP as the operating system; MicroXP runs well on a 233Mhz laptop with 64Mb of memory & 800Mb of mass-storage.
      We also run FileZiller Server as the FTP server. [XRouter has FTP built in - but we have not asked for a FTP server to be incorporated at this time - to not burden you with extra work.]
      We also run StartDelay software to start FileZiller & BPQ32 after the op erating system has started.

      The remote nodes are over 100Km away from VK2DOT and not in the precint of each other.  We have never had a problem so far with remote users using the same call-signs as local users for packet applications. [This system has been running for a number of years.]  The users use RF at their remote node & also login locally via telnet.

      Thanks again, Regards rod....///

      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "John Wiseman" <john.wiseman@...> wrote:
      > I'll add SYSOP commands to re-read the config and to reboot the computer.
      > Are you just running bpq32.exe on the remote compuuters, or do you need the
      > restart command to run other programs?
      > I don't have any problem doing a reconfig with just bpqterminal running - is
      > anyone else having this problem?
      > I could change the way the command aliases work, but I don't think it is a
      & gt; good idea. You will end up with two stations on the air with the same call
      > and ssid. There is the possibility of a connect being picked up by the wrong
      > station. What do others think of this?
      > John
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      > Subject: [BPQ32] Remote SysOp
      > BPQ32 Remote SysOp
      > John, another request - We had setup BPQ32 with Win2000 on a few old laptops
      > to replace the remote XRouters.
      > The laptops are at their limits of running anything else than Win2000 &
      > BPQ32.
      > So to be able to control these remote laptops, could you please [if
      > possible] add the following into the next revision of BPQ32.
      > 1: To be able t o login as a Remote SysOp, possibly via Telnet login [with
      > special tag for Remote SysOp].
      > 2: Remote SysOp Command of RESTART - to restart BPQ32.
      > 3: Remote SysOp Command of REBOOT - to reboot the computer.
      > We notice on testing, when just running BPQ32 [started by BPQTerminal], That
      > when we try & restart BPQ32 via Console action, that BPQ32 just stops & will
      > not restart.
      > Also, I have another little problem -
      > All of my remote nodes will have the following applications.
      > APPLICATION 1,BPQ,C 10 VK2DOT-1,VK2DOT-5,,
      > APPLICATION 3,BBS,C 10 VK2DOT-0,vk2dot-7,,
      > APPLICATION 4,FBB,C 10 VK2DOT-2,vk2dot-8,,
      > Thus for a remote user, he/she will be able to type C VK2DOT-5 and will be
      > automatically transported from the remote RF port to my VK2DOT-1 Node. [via
      > the AXUDP link]
      > At the present moment with XRouter, they type c VK2DOT-1 to goto my VK2DOT-1
      > BPQ32 Node.
      > For consistency, it would be better if users remotely could type C VK2DOT-1
      > to goto my VK2DOT-1 BPQ32 Node.
      > Users also travel down the AXUDP link & also come physically into this area.
      > It would be wise & prudent for them to use the same connect callsigns, when
      > remote & local.
      > Wonder if it is possible to change this also in your next BPQ32 revision.
      > Regards Rod....///

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