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3878RE: [BPQ32] Station Status

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  • Jerry - N9LYA
    Sep 12, 2010

      Hi Hank.. Glad to hear it.. I also see us going at it on winmor…


      73 Jerry N9LYA


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      Back home after two week trip.

      The N0JAl system has run well during that time.

      I checked the system morning and evening while on the road.

      Only had to reset the Winmor TNC twice during that time.

      Sai (N0JAL) did not get any phone calls about problem with the

      system on the AX.25 network side.


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      I have let the station run .Since I have had several fixes applied.. No
      changes for a while now.. Seems to be running well.. I have seen an anomaly
      on pactor but no idea how to really describe it.. Will email john my logs
      with a description as best I can... and a few photos of display on PTCII and

      Been busy with wife's recovery and my own medical needs.. SO I hope to
      address a few of the concerns of forwarding partners tomorrow as well as
      some NTS issues with new stations willing to retrieve those...

      I also have a project I am working on .. Adding a TMd710 to both our
      vehicle. And Portable Packet to mine via HF and or VHF... via 706.

      Work has become busy.. working some where between 10 and 14 hours a day...

      If it seems like I am ignoring someone that is not my intention...

      I just hope work leaves me alone tomorrow... lol

      73 Jerry Kutche N9LYA

      ARRL Net Manager Indiana Section - Packet Net

      HF Skipnet Coordinator

      IP Coordinator Indiana

      Packet Coordinator Indiana

      http://www.n9lya.com <http://www.n9lya.com/>

      http://www.w9otr.org <http://www.w9otr.org/>

      http://www.indianapacketcouncil.org <http://www.indianapacketcouncil.org/>



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