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3829Re: [BPQ32] Issues with BPQEther port ?

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  • Miroslav Skoric
    Aug 29, 2010
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      On 8/28/2010 4:16 PM, John Wiseman wrote:

      > It don't think there are any issues, so long as you are careful with the
      > config. In particular I had a problem with a router/switch when I did'nt
      > have the source mac address set correctly.
      > What problems are you having?

      John, the problem is that the ethernet link between BPQ 4.08a (or 4.09d)
      on a DOS machine, and BPQ32 on a Windows machine somehow goes down or
      better to say 'freezes' after a while. I mean, when I activate both ends
      of the ethernet link, the nodes keep exchanging their node-lists,
      beacons etc without problems. When I add some more traffic (Eg.
      forwarding between two bbs's running on top of BPQ), everything goes
      fine but only for some few minutes, but soon after the BPQ32 side seems
      to lose its capability to 'hear' the other side of the link and
      'freezes' itself (sometimes it freezes the whole computer). However,
      sometimes I still get beacons and node-lists from the DOS machine (i see
      them coming in the BPQ32 monitoring window), but BPQ32 seems to be
      incapable to 'digest' incoming information and include it to its own
      node-list, etc.

      This is my test station:

      _____________ ____________________
      VHF |MS DOS 5 comp| |MS Windows 2000 comp|
      TRX--TNC2--|BPQ4.08a, PZT| --- LAN --- | BPQ32 4.10f, FBB |-- I'net
      ant ------------- --------------------
      YT7MPB-1 (BPQ) YT7MPB-3 (BPQ32)
      YT7MPB-2 (PZTBBS) YT7MPB-4 (FBB)

      Related to the mac addresses .. Because there I have only two comps
      connected by the ethernet cards, at first I set their own (but crossed)
      mac addresses as destination. Then I tried with the "BPQ Multicast"
      address 01-42-50-51-00-00, as well as the Broadcast address (all FF),
      but haven't got much improvement.

      Btw, if I abandon bpqether.dll and configure the port as AXIP with
      bpqaxip.dll (then the DOS comp is running JNOS with AXIP port, instead
      of BPQ 4.08), things are running better. (For example, I managed to keep
      a single forwarding session between BPQ32/FBB700i and JNOS 2.0f by using
      AXIP mode, for almost two hours without any error.)

      > Do you have a LAN monitor? - I use Wireshark, and if you install my plugins
      > it will decode bpqether and axip packets.

      Here I have a version of Ethereal (0.99.0) but did not learn much of
      using it. Can it help me to configure BPQether link?

      Misko YT7MPB
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