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3600Remote Applications

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  • vk2dot
    Aug 4, 2010
      Hi All, we have been reading the examples & notes and have become totally confused.
      At present a RF user can come into the vk2dot BPQ32 system by -
      c vk2dot - & goes directly to the BPQMail BBS 0r
      c vk2dot-1 - & goes to the BPQ32 Switch or
      c vk2dot-7 - & goes to the Chat session.

      What we want to do is have the user type ->
      c vk2dot-2 - & goto a remote PC running Linux/XFbb via a RS232 port &
      c vk2dot-3 - & goto a remote PC running Linux/JNOS2 via a RS232 port.

      I cannot see how to do it via the applications section


      Its 5:30am, could be one has missed something or it cannot be done.

      Anybody have any suggestions:

      Regards Rod VK2DOT....////
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