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3399Re: [BPQ32] Badwords.sys

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  • Peter - ZL2BAU
    Jul 3, 2010
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      On 03/07/10 23:17, John Wiseman wrote:

      It is intended to trap single words or phrases. It will not trap a word embedded in another word,
      For example if you have
      bpq32 is rubbish
      it should trap  " fred " and  ",fred." but not " frederick", and " bpq32 is rubbish ", but not  " bpq32 " or " bpq32 is great ".
      Make sure there aren't any spaces before or after the word or phrase.
      If you have examples where you think it is not following these rules, please send me your badwords.sys and a message file.

      Hi John and Group,

      A couple of questions,

      Is the filename for *badwords.sys* case sensitive ?

      Are the words contained within, case sensitive ?

      Would it be possible for the Sysop Held message to contain what it was held for ?

      My filter on xfbb tells me why the message was held which is real handy.

      Would it be possible to have an *unhold* feature like, RE Msg# to view the message and perhaps a command to unhold it from the keyboard like, U = Unhold, K = Kill etc etc ?

      Regards ..... Peter

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