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33Re: Changed to 2 Port config

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  • Tony Hunt
    Oct 7, 2005
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      Hi Ron .. Your comments regards BPQMon32 noted.. Ive had it running here for
      long periods and have had no problems but I dont run AR-Cluster software
      which would explain that..

      Now you said

      > BPQMon32.exe is in the beta set, but it will likely be eliminated from
      > the release package. This is because 1) It's function has been included
      > in BPQTerminal.exe and 2)

      Hang on a tick.. How do I monitor only specific ports using BPQTerminal as
      opposed to ALL ports?
      I cant find that function in either BPQTerminal or bpqterm .. Its nice to be
      able to run a couple of
      separate windows monitoring different ports.. Maybee a Tabbed version with
      different Ports on different
      TABs would be a the Go.. Its a thought anyway.. Ive seen other Apps that
      have a general Tab for All traffic
      and other Tabs for each port separatly.. Just a thought..


      >It has been associated with crashes of BPQ32.
      > As to the crashes when using BPQMon32, this has always been a puzzling
      > issue. It's quite low incidence, and always seems to be associated with
      > use with AR-Cluster, but this could just be because it's being exercised
      > quite a bit when in that environment. Many AR-Cluster sysops have seen
      > this problem, and so we avoid running BPQMon32 except for very brief
      > periods.
      > In any case John has never been able to reproduce the problem, and so no
      > solution has ever been found. On the other hand I can run BPQTerminal
      > 24/7, which includes the monitoring function of BPQMon32, without any
      > difficulty (and with AR-Cluster 'in the loop' to keep it very busy).
      > BPQMon32 was only provided in the beta in the event problems were
      > discovered with BPQTerminal, but there don't appear to be any such
      > The entire BPQ32 beta suite appears solid here. I run it 24/7 with
      > AR-Cluster, UIView32 and UIDX Bridge without problems. Of course the
      > problems you experienced with Digi_ned never did show up in my
      > environment, which is why having a number of good beta testers is so
      > valuable.
      > I would have liked to have had additional beta testers, but I realize
      > that it's some work and many BPQ32 users will wait instead for the final
      > release.
      > It could be that the BPQ32 package can soon be released as final. Of
      > course software is almost never 'final', something will come up, as well
      > as additional enhancements which John has made reference to in his
      > postings here.
      > Ron Stordahl, N5IN
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