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3015Re: [BPQ32] Multiple bpqaxip.cfg

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  • K.O. Higgs
    Apr 9, 2010
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      Rod... I see DOTBPQ:VK2DOT-1 in the nodes list of MOBRA. I can connect to it okay using
      c dotbpq. I can forward thru DOTBPQ to VK2DOT.

      I do not see DOTBBS:VK2DOT in MOBRA's nodes list, but it is in DOTBPQ's nodes list.

      I am using BPQ32 (n).  I see that you have not yet upgraded to the latest.

      73,  K.O. N0KFQ

      On 4/9/2010 12:24 PM, vk2dot wrote:

      John & others, is it possible to have more than one AXUDP ports.
      ie, We only want that AXUDP port to have specific netrom links on & not to flood other links.
      ie one has a AXUDP link to a remote node on the AXUDP port 4, but notice that the netrom nodes has six ways to get to the remote.
      I have locked the route but still cannot connect to it from BPQ32 [vk2dot-1]. The locked route from BPQ32 looks like -
      VK2DOT-9,220, 4,2,7000, 236

      on doing a n vk2dot-9  from BPQ32 [vk2dot-1] the following results -
      220 6 4 vk2dot-9
      1 0.00s 4 vk2dot-9

      When we load the BPQ32 software initially, we cannot connect to the remote node [vk2dot-9 or XFbb vk2dot-2], after a nodes broadcast from vk2dot-9 & vk2dot-2, we can see the node vk2dot-9 & vk2dot-2 but still cannot connect to them. The call vk2dot-9 & vk2dot-2 are displayed on the AXIP MHheard screen.

      If one removes the fixed route, then after restart - & XFbb vk2dot-2 is displayed on the AXIP MHheard screen, we can connect to XFbb vk2dot-2 from BPQ32 [vk2dot-1]
      However we can connect from vk2dot-9 node to BPQ32 node with no problems. but, we cannot connect to node vk2dot-9 from BPQ32 [vk2dot-1]
      After we disconnect from XFbb vk2dot-2 from BPQ32 vk2dot-1, reconnection to XFbb vk2dot-2 from the BPQ32 node vk2dot-1 will not occur.
      on doing a n vk2dot-9  from BPQ32 [vk2dot-1] the following results -
      1 0.00s 4 vk2dot-9

      Then at other times we have noticed, The initial connection occurs sometimes and an ACK comes back - but BPQ32 will not connect to the node [vk2dot-9].
      Most of the time no connection traffic occurs!!!!
      Connected to the remote node VK2DOT-9 node is XFbb BBS [VK2DOT-2], & one has no problems connecting to XFbb from BPQ32 [VK2DOT-1]

      We cannot work out why from BPQ32 we can connect to XFbb sometimes, but not the node in between.

      Also, we have been told that the BPQ32 node [vk2dot-1] is not being broadcast thru AXUDP but can be seen on my remote node [vk2dot-9].

      Anybody have any ideas.

      Regards Rod.....////

      K.O. Higgs 
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