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3001Re: [BPQ32] Re: Connection retries that seem to ignore retry parm?

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  • K.O. Higgs
    Apr 7, 2010
      I think you are probably right.. all was running normal with packet before I took the bbs down. It was
      not because of packet, but another program that I had to re-start the computer.

      If you need me, just holler..  K.O.

      On 4/7/2010 5:01 PM, Jeff - WA4ZKO wrote:

      Thanks K.O., that's all I was curious about unless you noticed an issue around that time. I could tell by your stats when your node was restarted and after that things cleared up.

      My guess is one (yours or mine) of the BBSes tried a scheduled connect right about the time you took yours down. Then somehow that connection got stuck on my end and BPQ didn't handle the link failure very gracefully for some reason.

      Also note that I shut BPQMailChat down and it didn't help either, so I suspect the bug is in the node portion not the BBS code.

      I was kind of busy multi-tasking during lunch, so I wasn't able to be overly thorough in my troubleshooting.

      http://twitter. com/wa4zko

      K.O. Higgs 
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