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2647BPQ in Linux

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  • ve3uil
    Dec 30, 2009
      Just thought I'd drop a line to the group. After some discussion with John G8BPQ I installed BPQ32 and BPQMAILCHAT on my Linux box running Ubuntu 9.10 and WINE 1.1

      The actual installation was trivial and I was able to get the system running over my in-house LAN here without too much difficulty. I had to do a bit of dancing with the router and ports etc but all in all getting the system to run a AXUDP link was quite easy.

      John reports similar results.

      I have yet to get the KISS port running but that is a LINUX problem I think or more properly, my limited expertise in Linux, I am far from being a Linux Guru.

      I have limited the spread of the NODE listing since it is not on all the time. But if you connect to my NODE VE3UIL-7 you will see it there if it is on the air. I am using the Call VE3TRA.

      I hope to get around to getting the KISS port running and have it on the air some time in the near future.

      Mike - VE3UIL

      Smiths Falls, ON