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2564Monday Night Packet Chat Net tonight 10PM EST (0300Z)

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  • WA4ZKO
    Dec 7, 2009
      While I've had a couple inquiries on this, I don't see the need for a formal "testing" chat net tonight. We still got a mix of chat server versions out there and little has changed software wise since the last net to make me expect any different results.

      In order to be more accommodating to the west coast folks, it's been suggested the net be held later in the evening. Remember 9PM Eastern is 6PM on the west coast, so many 6 & 7 land folks may not even been home yet if it's held at 9PM EST ;-)

      So here's my proposal.

      1. Let's just have an informal net tonight at 10PM Eastern, 7PM PST, 0300 UTC.

      2. We'll just stay in the "General" topic (default) and have at it.

      3. If it gets way out of hand, we may need to break off into topic rooms devoted to a particular conversation.

      4. Remember that due to the bugs we saw the other night, if you leave a topic you may not be able to get back in properly.

      So feel free to join us tonight at 10PM EST on the linked BPQ chat server systems.