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2440RE: [BPQ32] Problem with UI-View using BPQ32 Port.

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  • John Wiseman
    Nov 6, 2009
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      Ok, Terry,
      There is some confusion here. That isn't a Keepalive frame, it is a Chat Node Link Status frame. and has a missing source callsign, which is probably what is upsetting UIView.
      These frames are sent by BPQMailChat, and should never actually get transmitted to another station, just to the Chat Monitor program, so I am puzzled as to how you are receiving them from another station.
      If it is you that is generatiing the frames, then you need to fix your config. The most likely problem is that you don't have an APPLnCALL in bpqcfg.txt that matched the CHATApplNum parameter you have set in Chat Config. I'll fix MailChat to give a warning if this happens.
      If they are really coming from outside, you will have to find who is sending them to you.
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      Hi John. Yes it is UI-VIew32, Also running UI-Route and UI-Webserver
      Here is the last frame I get with the usual "UI-View needs to Close etc etc"
      05_01:43T >DUMMY Port=2 > <UI C>:
      ZL2BAU-8 0 ZL2AQY-8 0
      Hi Terry,
      Is this UI-View32? Mine is running here fine.
      Do you get an error message when it crashes?
      Is anyone else seeing this problem?
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      Subject: [BPQ32] Problem with UI-View using BPQ32 Port.


      Hi, Since the last up grade UI-View crashes when a Dummy KEEPALIVE frame passes to UI-VIEw.

      I have 2 ports on BPQ32, port 1 is a KISS radio ports and port 2 is AXIP using UDP on port 93.

      UI-View crashes the instant a Dummy (KEEPALIVE) frame arrives from a remote station or when my station sends the frame.

      Any ideas would be appreciated.

      The operating system is XP home with all updates installed.


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